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01. Do you manage any make and model of car stackers ?

We prefer European made as they can be maintained reliably for long term. However, if you need more information please write to us via

02. Spare parts available for all car stackers ?

Dealers of major spare parts are available in Australia and most of generic parts can be sourced with Australian Standards. However, customised parts to be bought from the supplier of car stackers.

03. Which car stacker make and model do I select ?

The selection of car stackers needs a proper evaluation and it requires a broader consideration along with building plans. Please send us an email to discuss via

04. Can the car stackers be installed outside ?

Some European made car stackers have that option and we suggest an internal setting even installed outside by providing a roof with a suitable covering.

05. What is the lifespan of car stackers ?

Best car stackers work more than 50 years with proper service history and it depends on various factors of car stackers starting from basics to fully-automatics.

General Questions

01. How can I get a quote for an installation/service contract?

Please send us an email on and one of our team members will attend to your inquiry.

02. What should I do if the access key/card/fob/remote to my car stacker space is broken/lost?

If urgent action is needed (eg: to gain access to your vehicle), call us on our emergency hotline at 076 688 1139.

If else, please write to us on explaining your situation and we will respond to you within one business day.

*replacement costs may apply

03. How do I Request an induction?

Fill out the form using the “Request an Induction” button available on the top menu section of this page. We’ll be in touch to set a booking date.

*Induction fees may apply

04. I’m getting a new car, how do I ensure it’s fitment in my allocated stacker space?

It’s always recommended that any vehicle to be stored in a stacker bay reads in 50mm under maximum allowable dimensions in terms of length, width and height of your bay. Maximum weight is to be strictly observed. A wheel stopper adjustment may be required as they’re vehicle specific adjustments.
If you need any on-site assistance, please send us an email on  with details of your new vehicle, our team will be happy to assist.

*induction fee may be applicable

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